Personal Power Field

the same power field found on warjacks, but smaller


Invented by Jinx Blastbang, the PPF is a miniaturized version of the Power Field found on warcaster armor. It runs off an accumulator (can be socketed with any size accumulator) and uses charges to regenerate its shield until reaching its full power.

The shield generator conveyed by the PPF is represented by temporary hit points. For every charge expended, the PPF begins charging at 5 temporary hit points each round to a maximum field of 40. For one charge, the PPF reaches full power in 8 rounds. For 8 charges, it reaches full power in one round. Triggering the accumulator charge is a free action. Each charge will regenerate 20 temporary hit points before expended. If a single charge is used to confer less than 20 temporary hit points, the charge will automatically begin refilling the PPF until the charge has conferred 20 temporary hit points. This cannot push the shield over its normal maximum of 40 temporary hit points. Each charge can maintain a field for up to an hour.


Meric encounters a troll in the distance and decides to move in and engage it in melee. He guesses he has about three rounds until he comes into contact with the troll so he expends 4 charges. The first round his shield rating rises to 20 and the second round to 40. The 4 charges he spent will recharge 40 more points (up to 20 per round) before he’ll need to expend additional charges.



Personal Power Field

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