Tac Points

I wrote the Tac Points system for two reasons. First, D&D encourages GMs to give less experience points when PCs make smart decisions to tip the odds favorably. I think where they’re coming from is that your character doesn’t have to work as hard when the scales are tipped favorably which means the character doesn’t learn as much. For the most part, I disagree.

Second, there’s a huge glaring hole in D&D when it comes to the leveling system. Players only gain experience points for combat. Experience should be summation of the wisdom and experience your character gains over the course of his life, not just when you’re putting your fist through a bad guy. With all that in mind, I give you the new Tac Points system.

Tac Points can be tracked by individual PCs or by one PC for the entire party, depending on their preference. Tac Points are awarded by the GM for different actions PCs take including, but not limited to, the following:

• Successful Tactical Skill Checks (Typically 1 Tac Point)
• Superior Tactical Planning (Tac Points Vary by Impact)
• Successful Story Manipulation (Tac Points Vary by Impact)
• Superior Roleplaying (Typically 1 Tac Point)

The above list is not exhausted by any means.

Tacs and You
At the beginning of a scene, PCs begin accumulating Tac Points. These points are awarded by the GM for actions taken during the scene. At the end of the scene, the PCs pool how many Tac Points they have and cash them in for experience points. Experience Points are awarded as follows:

Tac Points x Average PC Level x 100

I’ve been giving this a lot of thought and reviewing the impact of this experience point system on the game. The nice part about it is that the GM can control how many Tacs pass the table which means they can reign in or speed up the leveling process. Because of this, I don’t think Tac Points will get out of control. Also, PCs have a tangible reward for making the game more fun for everyone which I think is important. Despite all that, as with anything else new we try in my games, we’re currently “in Beta” with this system. Player feedback is solicited and appreciated (as always). If this system excessively complicates our game I have no problem getting rid of it or revising as needed.

Tac Points

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