Iron Kingdoms Deities
Morrow – One of the Twin Gods who freed himself from his mortal coil to become a God
Thamar – One of the Twin Gods who ascended after murdering Morrow, her opposite
Menoth – The Creator God that forged man and Caen from chaos
Devourer Wurm – A being of true chaos, it seeks to destroy order and civilization
Cyriss – The hidden goddess of knowledge and intellectuals
Great Fathers – Dwarven pantheon of their founding fathers
Scyrah – Elven goddess of growth and development
Nyssor – Elven God of winter
Dhunia – Goblin/Ogrun/Trollkin Creation goddess

Aliases: The Prophet, Lord of Light, The Healing Teacher, Patient Brother
Alignment: NG
Symbol: Sunburst
Domains: Good, Healing, Knowledge, Protection, Strength, Travel, War
Cleric Weapon: Heavy Mace

Follows of Morrow believe that they can find the means to transcend their mortal state and in doing so become something more, something divine. Many people have and these people are collectively referred to as the Ascendants. The Ascendants are also revered since they, themselves, are Gods.

Aliases: The Dark Twin, Temptress, Whisperer in Shadow, Wicket Sister, Guide of the Damned
Alignment: NE
Symbol: Leash
Domains: Death, Destruction, Evil, Luck, Magic, Trickery, War
Cleric Weapon: Morningstar

Follows of Thamar also believe they can transcend their mortal state but do not necessarily pursue it through holy means. They believe that to worship Menoth is slavery, and they instead choose freedom. Many that follow the teachers of Thamar have risen to Godhood, they are collectively referred to as Scions.

Aliases: The Creator, The Shaper of Man, Lawgiver
Alignment: LN
Symbol: Seal
Domains: Knowledge, Law, Strength, War
Cleric Weapon: Flail

Menoth is revered by man kind for being the creator of all that is. Menoth created man to worship him in this life and the next. During the time of Warlords, Menoth showed himself to mankind when they revered other false deities then taught man kind to create.

Devourer Wurm
Aliases: Beast of All Shapes, Great Beast, Menoth’s Bane, Vomiter of Darkness, Unsleeping One
Alignment: CN
Symbol: Talons and Fangs in a sphere of darkness
Domains: Animal, Chaos, Destruction, Strength
Cleric Weapon: Axe

A less popular cult, the Devourer Wurm seeks to destroy all Menoth and man kind created. Primarily worshiped by barbarians and monstrous humans, the followers of the Devourer Wurm bring chaos and destruction wherever they go.

Aliases: Maiden of Gears, Clockwork Goddess, Hidden Goddess, Mother of Mathematics, Mistress of Numbers
Alignment: N
Symbol: a masque
Domains: Artifice, Knowledge, Protection, Travel
Cleric Weapon: Light Mechanoflail

Cyriss has hidden the mysteries of her teachings in the mathematics and sciences of the world. Her worshipers spend most of their time trying to decode these formulas and theories in order to understand her purpose for them. Her secrets are not given readily and must be discovered by her worshipers.

Great Fathers
Aliases: Stone Fathers, Lords of Kharg Drogun, Masters of Tower Ghorfel
Alignment: LG (collectively)
Symbol: a mountain
Domains: Artifice, Earth, Good, Healing, Law, War
Cleric Weapon: Warhammer

The 13 Great Fathers are always worshiped as a group. Paragons of the dwarfs, it is said the Stone Lords are their descendants. Each Great Father is actually a demigod in their own right.

Aliases: Regent Narcissar, Healer of the Gods, the Last Goddess
Alignment: CG
Symbol: a sigil
Domains: Animal, Earth, Healing, Plant, Protection
Cleric Weapon: Longsword

The Elven pantheon once numbered eight, now only two remain. One of them is Scyrah, who originally was responsible for tending to all living things in her care. She now resides with the elves but has become comatose, dying of an affliction while wearily carrying out her divine duties for her people. Most elves believe that when she inevitably dies, they will all die with her.

Aliases: Scyir of Winter, Grand Crafter, Frozen Sage, Winter Father, Keeper of Secrets
Alignment: CN
Symbol: a shard
Domains: Air, Chaos, Knowledge, Water
Cleric Weapon: Nyss claymore

Nyssor is the only remaining deity of the elven pantheon and now lives entombed in ice. He sent his followers with a message and spell to save his sister but the Iosians turned them away. Unfortunately it took the rest of his power to do so and he has no idea that while he sleeps, waiting for his sister to return order, his message and power were not even heard. He is the sole patron of the Nyss in the North.

Aliases: Creator of Caen, Ravaged Mother, Wellspring of Life, Great Mother
Alignment: N
Symbol: an abstract form
Domains: Air, Earth, Fire, Plant, Water
Cleric Weapon: Quarterstaff

Not a religion commonly held among humans, Dhunia is revered as the great creator. She is often the alternate creation deity to Menoth and typically revered by more monstrous and often less civilized monstrous humanoids.

Source: Iron Kingdoms – Character Guide


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