Steam Breath

This and That

Alright! We can finally meet with the Stone Lords! But first... can we go shopping?

“I’ve seen my god within the last year, how long has it been since you’ve seen yours?”

Back at the Caves:

After taking all the valuables off of the bodies of the blighted Nyss, our party members began impromptu burial rights for their slain enemies (with no real regard for their chosen religion).

Now, onward to Rhul to seek alliance with the dwarves! Oh, no, never mind. First the party had to explain to Dakrus and Armoros why they are doing that. After summarizing events so far for the newest party members, and learning some of Dakrus’ back story, the party determines that it is too late of an hour to be traveling and settle in for the night at the caves.

In the morning, our heroes continue onward to the dwarven city! (For real, this time) They arrive at the gates of Ghord and manage to sweet talk their way into the city…

First thing’s first, time to trade in the loot for even better loot! Heading into the merchant district, the party member’s spot a despondent looking gnome in front of Jinx’ Mechanix closing up shop at a suspiciously early hour. Our heroes inquire about this state of affairs and are invited into the shop. There the gnome, name of Jinx Blastbang, discloses that he is an arcane mechanik from Lael whose shop is getting shut down by the dwarves.

After disclosing his lack of funds to the party, Jinx agrees to barter goods at a decent rate. While shopping, Alaire notices a small mechanika device that she doesn’t recognize, Jinx reveals that it is an invention of his own which, according to generally accepted science should not be possible. Merric wants to try it out and Dakrus, who has been entertaining Jinx by creating explosions in Jinx’ work space, obliges by pitching a bomb at him, successfully demonstrating what a useful little force field Jinx’ invention is.

Done bartering goods, the party recruits the talented little gnome, after making him pass out by revealing the dragons’ true forms and telling him about Atlantis, that is. Dakrus gives Jinx the gold to pay the rent on his shop, so he doesn’t have to vacate immediately, and asks that he allow the party to use his shop as their base of operations while in Ghord.

That settled, Dakrus and Alaire talk Merric out of going to bed immediately, since it was only noon, in favor of hitting the streets in an attempt to discover how to get access to the local library (a more difficult task than one might think). Azazel stays at Jinx’ shop to get his armor worked on, while the rest of the party heads out.

Shortly after leaving the shop, our heroes witness some young dwarves harassing a nyss woman who had been carving a beautiful sculpture. The nyss woman remained calm and smiling throughout the ordeal, even when one of the dwarves broke the arm off of the statue, causing them to become bored by her lack of reaction and finally took themselves off.

Alaire approached the woman, introducing herself and expressing her admiration for the woman’s sculpting ability as well as her poise. The nyss sculptor, Meryll Reyvrese, turns out to be a powerful cleric of Nyssor, and as such, butts heads with Merric who is a pigheaded follower of Menoth.

Meryll and Merric engage in a dual in the middle of the street, since talking never resolves anything, during which Merric refused to admit that Meryll was thoroughly trouncing him. Dakrus and Armoros bet on who would win, and Alaire felt only marginally guilty about rooting for Meryll. To everyone’s suprise, Meryll yields to Merric, though he was obviously out-matched. Right before she yielded it had seemed as though she saw something over his shoulder, but when the rest of the party turned to look they saw nothing but a couple of city guards down the street.

Merric proceeds to talk too much, again, exasperating his party and infuriating Meryll when he lets slip that he knows more than she would like about her religion. He somehow manages to resolve the issue, and after wards everyone agrees that he should keep a lid on it.

Our heroes make their goodbyes to their new acquaintance, Meryll, and continue on their merry way when they soon come upon another altercation (just what is with this city?), this time in front of Thulric’s Fine Threads. One dwarf, presumably the owner of the shop, threw another dwarf out the door of the shop, apparently having a problem with his attitude while haggling. Thulric scares the other dwarf off when he brings out his rifle and, after the offending haggler shouted back one last insult, demonstrated that he knows how to use it.

Armoros decides she wants to buy pretty dresses from the angry seamster and enters the shop, followed shortly by the rest of the crew. The party proceed to make his day by commissioning him to make over a thousand gold worth of finery for them (Azazel and Merric excluded since they prefer nudity, apparently). The crew will have to wait four days to receive their clothing, but decide that that is a price they are willing to pay if it means they can look pretty when they confront the Stone Lords.

Business negotiations now complete for the day, the party make one last stop for a delicious dinner before retiring to bed.

A scream outside the shop in the middle of the night, wakes half the party from their slumber. Alaire, Baraqel, Dakrus, and Armoros all tumble out of their beds and down the stairs ready for a fight. Halfway down the stairs it occurs to them that someone ought to wake up Merric and Azazel, so Baraqel sprints back up the stairs to pound on their doors.

After ascertaining that the two sleepy heads are both awake and moving, Baraqel somersaults out a third story window to join the rest of the party who have arrived on the street outside Jinx’ shop. There they see an Umbral Reaver, an infernal creature, murdering a city guard.

Alaire fires three rapid shots at the creature and the rest of the party quickly join the fray. Our heroes deal enough damage to the reaver that she finds it expedient to teleport away, rather than stay and be killed. Five other screams are heard in quick succession, emanating from further down the street, and our heroes can see the beginnings of fire coming from that direction as well…



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