Steam Breath

Rock and Rhul

Surrender or die! (Pleeease pick die. Pretty please?)

“This is not the one we’re looking for, kill him.”
“Wait! There’s a problem with my weapon.”
“What is it?”
“I’m using it to kill the wrong person.”

Somewhere in the Kingdom of Rhul:

A corp. of fighters is ambushed by a group of blighted creatures. One half-orc badass, name of Dakrus Darklock, survives, taking two of the blighted down while his cohorts fall around him. In spite of his valiant efforts, he is captured and drug away by the bad guys.
(I wasn’t really paying attention at this point so, Adam or Jonathon, if you want to rewrite this segment, please feel free)

Back in Atlantis:

After a long, and much needed, sleep, our heroes awake to find their dragons gone. Setting out in search of them, Alaire and Merric somehow know exactly which direction they needed to go in order to find them. Merric finds Azazel in short order and engages in some risky riding lessons, while Alaire tracks Baraqel down in the library where it looks like he’s been up all night studying.

Now that our duos have been reunited it’s time to get down to business. Namely, learning the lost art of true naming, but before they hit the books the four get some nasty headaches while figuring out how to use Soul Resonance.

When that’s all out of the way, Baraqel mentions an ancient pact between the dwarves and the Darastrix Caex and, though Azazel is all for launching a suicide attack against the ultimate evil, the party agrees to visit the dwarves in the hope of renewing the alliance.

In route to see the dwarves in Rhul, the two dragons spot something interesting and fly down to get a better look. What they find is the aftermath of a recent battle, one that drenched the snow in blood, and signs that someone was captured and dragged forcefully away. Azazel and Baraqel’s interest is peaked when they find the black scale of a blighted creature in the snow, Alaire’s interest is peaked when she sees signs that the person captured didn’t go with out a fight, and the crew sets out in pursuit.

Elsewhere, in a dark cave in Rhul, Dakrus comes to, bound and gagged. A blighted nyss stalker grabs the half-orc’s face, assessing him. Not finding what he is looking for the nyss stalker exits and sends three underlings into the room with orders to kill Dakrus. Not fully in agreement with that plan of action, our friend struggles to break free of the chains that bind him but is unfortunately distracted by the searing burning sensation that is inexplicably pouring down his back.

Happily, one of the three would-be murderers defects in support of Dakrus and obliterates the other two before freeing him and revealing herself to be a gold dragon named Armaros.

Before further explanations can be made, however, our heroes enter the scene, putting the newly united caex and dragon on high alert. After a brief display of stupidit- er, masculinity, everybody comes to some kind of an understanding so they can all go kill some stuff.

The two firebreathers obliterate the first bout of blighted opponents, while ice sits in a corner suffering from a migraine.

Second bout of blighted, more of them this time! Baraqel and Alaire finally get their act together (sort of) and participate in the slaughter. Alaire and Merric coupe-de-grace the shit out of the paralyzed and unconscious blighted, while Dakrus and Armaros try to intimidate some information out of the only remaining foe, to no avail.

Covered in guts and glory, our heroes try to pull it together to face the last and final boss of the day, well, the dragons do. Faced with a large evil white dragon, the humans ignore him and engage in a brief spat with each other. The white dragon, Winterwraith, and Armaros politely, if acerbically, introduce themselves while Baraqel convinces Merric, “Yes, this dragon is evil.”

After waiting patiently for the people to get their act together, Winterwraith wastes no more time, promptly hosing all present with his breath weapon. Battle ensues, for real this time, and damages are received on all sides, but our heroes arise victorious after all. Dakrus takes his turn at coupe-de-grace-ing some shit, since he missed out the last time, and gleefully starts dismembering the body.

The dragons request the heart, splitting it equally between the three of them and enjoying it as a snack, but otherwise leave Dakrus to it… the dragons light up like christmas trees and bask in a slight power increase gained from devouring another dragons heart.

When Dakrus is done playing with the corpse, the crew finish their day out by looting the bodies… I mean, we might as well make some money while we’re at it, right?



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