Steam Breath

Hellfire and Brimstone

If I die? You die? Sucks to be you.

“You know those dragons that went crazy and evil? And, you know, decided to destroy the world ’cause they were bored?”
“Well, after sleeping for a reeeeally long time, we’re pretty sure one of them is awake. Has been training an evil army for a hundred years, an army which is now laying waste to your homeland. Has a supernatural bond with your Hierarch, one of the most powerful men who has ever lived. Oh, and he might not be the only one that woke up.”
“Oh, shit.”

In the southern province of Icthosa:

Visgoth Scarrel informs Alaire that the Hierarch is sending one of his High Reclaimers, Merric Alducar, to inspect their diamond mining operation and asks her to keep an eye on him during his stay. First impressions were not favorable. Merric disapproved of the entire operation, and Alaire wished she could take the stick out of his ass and use it to beat the racist out of him. Something smelled funky in the deepest mining shafts and it was NOT the workers.

After the mutually upsetting visit to the mines, Alaire took Merric to see Scarrel, where the Visgoth proceeded to decimate all of Merric’s objections with nothing but a load of bullshit. Huzzah! Meanwhile, Alaire relieved her feelings by destroying some property-I mean! She went back to the mine to inspect the gross smell, but couldn’t find anything…

After a few more days of mine excavation (and a really boring sermon, Hellfire and Brimstone, blah blah), the workers hit a depth of 100 meters, the deepest anyone had been in known history. While, Merric and Alaire were awaiting developments outside of the shaft, Alaire heard running footsteps in the mine that were abruptly cut off.

Shortly thereafter a worker stumbled out of the mine shaft, shouting, “RUN!” and desperately trying to keep his guts from spilling out of his eviscerated stomach. Unfortunately, even if that whole hand on the stomach thing had worked out for him (which is doubtful), a sword emerged from out of the darkness behind him, slicing him in two.

Merric and Alaire, neither of whom are good at following directions apparently, raced towards the mine entrance with weapons drawn to be greeted by four baddies. After dropping three of them, and taking a brief moment to heal Merric, our two heroes were preparing to finish off the fourth guy when an even bigger baddie (and two sidekicks) exited the mine shaft.

Undaunted by this fresh supply of xp-I mean! foes, our heroes proceeded with the ass kicking. After several blunders and a lot of Awesome exchanged on both sides, Merric and Alaire thought they were doing pretty well… until the bad guys they’d already killed started standing back up and reenlisting.

Then, as though things weren’t confusing enough as is, Merric and Alaire both felt a painful burning sensation on their backs and experienced a sudden inexplicable onset of rage or giddiness, respectively.

Two shadows cross the sky, briefly blocking out the moon.

Alaire and Merric struggled on for a little longer, when a nasty looking red dragon landed near Merric with an explosion of rubble and blasted three of the little baddies with fire. Followed shortly by a beautiful silver dragon who swooped down out of no where (seemingly) and scooped Alaire up onto his back, out of harms way. The two dragons then trounced the remaining enemies with their antipodal attacks (Merric and Alaire helped a little, experiencing the dragon’s emotions the while), killing them dead (for real this time).

Without waiting for the carcasses to stop sizzling, the dragons flew away with the heroes astride them, just in the nick of time. Looking down the heroes could see masses of “blighted” evil creatures swarm out of the mouth of the mine.

After an abortive attempt to convince the dragons to help them warn their superiors of the approaching army, Merric learned that his boss might be evil and Alaire learned that her boss is most likely doomed, their stress was alleviated slightly by the most gorgeous sunset they will ever behold. Fortified by that sight, the party braved tornadic winds in order to enter the fabled Atlantis, a floating city of legend and lost magics.

Landing in the city, Alaire and Merric dismounted at which point the red dragon, Azazel, and the silver dragon, Baraqel, introduced themselves and presented the humans with an abundance of information. Including, but not limited to, information about Atlantis and its technologies, their mysterious dragon/rider bond, the ornate brands they’ve all received as a symbol of that bond, and the Ancient Evil Dragon that has awoken, which they all must fight…

Now full of more information and new revelations than they know how to process, the four new allies retired for the night for some much needed rest.


Wow nice recap Elisabeth, very detailed. I saw a ? in your summary next to Azazel’s color in the 9th paragraph; yes he was red. Also, in the previous paragraph, the dragons blotted out the moon (not the sun). I might have mistakenly told you the wrong thing but the fight took place at night (which is actually relevant to the story). Thanks for doing the recap!

Hellfire and Brimstone

Yeah, it is kinda verbose isn’t it? I don’t have much of a filter when I’m that tired…
Fixed the errors, so I guess that means they saw the sunrise not sunset, like I wrote, unless they flew a LOT further and longer than I thought? :)
I’m pretty sure you said the right thing, I was just tired and couldn’t remember a few of the details…

Hellfire and Brimstone

More info is always better. Thanks for making changes, remind me to give you guys extra xp next session.

Hellfire and Brimstone

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